Dating Ukraine

Dating Ukraine! Only warm feelings and harmony in relationships bring peace and long-lasting relationships -
As far as we know, harmony plays an important role in all spheres of life, and must strive for harmony both for lovers and for couples.. In harmony there is greatest happiness and stability.
We care about the comfort of our Users!
At the time of opening the site, we have created two types of dating, the first one - free - where you can get passively acquainted with free access - its Territory Free.
The second type of dating is the VIP area where users who paid for the Classic Package, or another selected dating packag and have the opportunity to communicate, as with VIP-profiles and Site Leaders, and with all Users of the site - of their choice. Well, of course, Site Leaders are Users who immediately attract the attention of the entire audience, such Users are clearly not without attention!
A special offer has been developed for site users who can submit a marriage announcement on the site and thus increase their chances of meeting with their loved one.
A marriage announcement can be with your phone, Skype, e-mail, Viber or other contact information - of your choice. Your contact information can be seen by all Site users, or only VIP territory users.
Watch for the site news as new services are developed that will improve your comfort on the site as well as contests.
Also in the development is a unique method of searching for your Second Half!
Be and maybe tomorrow you will meet Your Second Half!!!

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female   26 years old
Ukraine , Kyiv

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female   31 years old
Ukraine , Kyiv

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male   52 years old
Ukraine , Lviv

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female   34 years old
Spain , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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male   49 years old
Poland , Warszawa

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male   42 years old
USA , Philadelphia

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female   47 years old
Ukraine , Kyiv

About yourself:

Мені дуже сподобався цей сайт і я хочу тут зустріти своє кохання :-)

Я забезпечена, маю власний бізнес, дочка замужем і проживає в Канаді, дуже люблю готувати смачні страви, люблю затишок і чистоту в домі, люблю подорожувати по різних країнах світу, люблю позитив в житті.

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male   37 years old
USA , Chicago

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male   38 years old
Germany , Leipzig

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female   41 years old
Ukraine , Kryvyi Rih

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Любов Семенівна's picture

Любов Семенівна

female   51 years old
Ukraine , Ivano-Frankivsk

About yourself:

Хочу створити щасливу сім'ю.
Проживаю одна, діти дорослі забезпечені, одружені, проживають окремо.
Забезпечена, маю власний бізнес, люблю подорожувати, смачно готувати, стильно одягатися, відпочивати, відвідувати театр, концерти, бувати за кордоном.

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female   49 years old
USA , Philadelphia

About yourself:

Зараз проживаю одна, син одружився живе окремо
Забезпечена, маю хорошу роботу, люблю прогулянки парками, відвідувати концерти, театр, подорожувати.
Познайомлюся з мужчиною з США або України, який згідний на переїзд.

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