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  • Katya and Maxim

    I came to this site with the hope of meeting my beloved man,

    I talked with some men, but after some communication I saw that these people do not share my views on life, a little later I gave a marriage announcement with my phone number,

    and tuned in to search for a like-minded husband.

    Because I thought that adjusting to someone and not being able to talk about certain topics was not for me.
    I understand that there are no ideal people, everyone has their own "wind in their heads"
    I try to throw this "wind" out of my head, but someone likes to be sadomaso, I like men, self-cultivators, and do not look for everyone around them to be guilty of their problems.

    And that's when I put my phone number in the marriage announcement,

    then different men called, such who were annoying, or called at night, of course, I gave them to the black list on the phone, because a decent person respects himself and others.

    Subsequently, the voice of one man, I liked him, and I met with him.

    We have been meeting for three months now, I took the questionnaire from the site and thanked the Administration from the bottom of my heart.

    Your site helped me a lot to meet my loved one.

    I am sincerely grateful to you, be always happy and live positively.

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